5 Writing Prompts Inspired by the Super Bowl

  1. Write your own Super Bowl commercial for an uncommon product. Not beer, a car or GoDaddy.com.
  2. Write a serious conversation between two characters that keeps getting interrupted by the Super Bowl on TV. Write in third person and narrate as little as possible. Try to capture the tension/seriousness of the conversation and the hesitancy to move it forward in the dialogue alone.Image
  3. Write the internal dialogue of a character involved in the game. It could be a fan, a player, a ref, a coach, Bruno Mars, a child dying of cancer whose last wish was to see his idol win the Lombardi trophy from the side lines. Be creative.
  4. Write a scene where your character has to describe the importance of the Super Bowl to a foreign character who has never heard of it and does not understand American’s love for football.
  5. Choose 5-10 small details you remember (or imagined) from the game and write a paragraph describing each one. You could describe the football itself, a memorable (or forgettable) play, a touchdown dance, the winning coach getting drenched in Gatorade, the weather, a fan eating a hot dog, the grass, a uniform, ect.

Have fun! Comment with a link below and I will follow anyone who completes one of the prompts and posts it on their blog! 🙂

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