Writing Prompt- Characterization

Do something different with a character you know well.

For this exercise, take a character you know well and place them in a scene/setting they are unfamiliar with. The character could be from your novel, based on a good friend or family member in real life or anyone that you have a solid understanding of. Let them steer where the scene goes. DO NOT outline the scene before you begin. 


  • If the character has lived their whole life in small town USA, you could put them in Tokyo, Japan.phone pictures 119
  • If your character lives in the city and works in a cubical, you could make them a helping farm hand.
  • If you’re writing a novel set in a fantasy world, you could place your main character in the reality we know (or vice versa).
  • If your character is unfamiliar with violence, you could have another character hold them at gunpoint.
  • If your character is one who is always in action (doing, talking, fighting, seeking, ect.), place them in a very simple place of peace where they have no pressing issues and simply get to relax.

This is a great exercise for anyone writing a novel because it will help you get to know your character. To know what your character would do in any and all situations makes for a very strong and consistent character. And its nice to have a small break from plot once in a while.

Once you’ve completed the exercise, consider what the character’s actions tells you about them. Did it reveal a part of them you didn’t see before? Did it verify characteristics you already knew where there or did it reveal new ones?

If you complete the exercise, please share it! I always love to see what different people’s imaginations bring them!


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