Subconscious Free Write


In the nonfiction book I’m currently reading, the author jumps from subject to subject but always finds a way back to the main theme of the book, grief. In my own experiences, no matter what we begin writing about our subconscious always finds it’s way to the surface. That is the exact reason I turn to writing when I am upset; it brings our concerns to the surface and forces us to deal with them (either directly or indirectly).

Whether something is troubling you or not, I’d like you to take the time to simple free write (writing not connected to any specific piece) and see where it takes you.

Choose a vague topic and free write for at least 10 minutes. Possible topics: freedom, light, space, meaninglessness, emotion, family, faith, failure, success, the future, war, ect.

Comment with other topic suggestions that work for you! Have fun!


About Sarah JS

Aspiring writer, lover of words, book nerd, working editor, and permanent student of the world

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