My Free Write on Light

Light brings clarity. Lack of light brings fear.

Sun. Lamp. Firefly. Chandelier. Lightning. Technology.

What produces more light; nature or man? If a man creates a fire in the woods, is that nature’s or man’s?

There was once a time when men huddled around fire with their jaws dropped. The heat that emanated, the light, it was magic to them. Fire cooked their food and warmed their homes. Fire was life.

The torch held by the Statue of Liberty. The flickering of a single firefly. The constellations of a city’s skyline.The reflection of sunlight off ice.

Do we control light? The flick of a switch. The strike of a match. A curtain pulled aside. Light is allowed and denied but shadows always exist. Darkness conceals corners and hides mountains. A photographer’s contrast. A shadow slithers behind us on the street when the sun is low. Run and run and run but only nature’s timetable will free you.

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Aspiring writer, lover of words, book nerd, working editor, and permanent student of the world

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