Who is your character when no one is around?

Human interaction is a main source of plot in writing. All conversations between two or more characters, an argument, a lie, a murder, a love affair, a boxing match or baseball game; these are all things that move the plot forward and they all require more than one character. Our interactions with people define us. Your character’s friends, family, coworkers, significant other and even strangers they meet on the street; these are all relationships that help define who the character is.Image

The challenge of this writing prompt is to figure out who your character is without human interaction. They could have chosen the solitary (a solo camping trip in the woods) or they could have had it forced upon them (solitary confinement or a deserted island). You can create a new character or use this to learn something about a character from another piece you’re working on. The piece could span many years or a rare hour your character finds alone.

The only rule is there should be NO human interaction. No flashbacks with interaction, no talking to ghosts or imaginary friends, no phone calls, texts or letter writing. Simply your character, alone. They can be having an amazing adventure or just trying to fall asleep at night. Use your imagination!

Please share if you complete the prompt! 🙂


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