Want to triple your reading speed? A new app makes it possible!

Taken from SpritzInc.com

Taken from SpritzInc.com

A new speed reading app, Spintz, is creating a lot of buzz this week. Soon to be released to the public through Samsung devices, the app allows you to read up to 1000 words per minute. According to the Huffington Post, “the typical college-level reader reads at a pace of 200 to 400 words per minute.”

How does it work, you say? Well, these links will explain it better than I ever could without plagiarizing so check them out! They have great visuals as well.

Elite Daily: This Insane New App Will Allow You to Read Novels in Under 90 Minutes

The Huffington Post: You Could Soon Read An Entire Harry Potter Book In Under 90 Minutes With This App

Now that you’ve got a good handle on how the app works, let’s get to the real issue. Would you want to use it?

The Huffington Post article says that previous research has proved that comprehension using this type of reading technology “has proven to be successful for many” but, is comprehension alone enough to enjoy and appreciate any novel? It takes time to let the story sink in, to let the characters become real. It allows time for your imagination to fill in the holes the author leaves out, it takes time for your mind to create the image of each character’s face in your mind. It takes time for your heart to fall in love with those characters and it takes time for the tears to build in your eyes when their lives are torn apart on the page. 

As a writer, its also important for me to see the sentence structure and formatting that the author uses. Remember when you flipped a page in Harry Potter and saw the unique formatting of a letter coming up? That would not be nearly as exciting to read when the words are flashing at you one at a time.

Taken from SpritzInc.com

Taken from SpritzInc.com

On the other hand, for educational purposes, this app could be priceless. Although I love sinking deep into my giant, leather reading chair for hours at a time with a good novel, there is a lot of reading that I wish I could zip through. All of those college textbooks for instance. The educational books I read for research for my writing and to satisfy my curiosity about the world and how it works.

I hesitate to pick up educational books when I have the choice to loose myself in a fictional character’s world. This app would make that educational reading much more appealing! 

So overall, I would love to use this app for educational reading but when it comes to reading a novel for enjoyment, I’d prefer to take my time and get lost, word by word, line by line and page by page. 

How about you?? 

Interesting Fact: The United States leads the world in most books published per year, totaling 292,014 in 2011 alone (according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). I won’t bore you with a mesh of numbers but let’s agree it would be impossible to casually read 300,000 books in one’s entire lifetime, let alone a year.


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  1. I thought this whole idea was fascinating when I heard about it! And I feel the same way as you about what I’d do with it – for educational purposes (textbooks, newspapers, etc.) I think it’d be just fine, but when it comes to reading for enjoyment, I’m typically in no particular rush and would still choose to snuggle up with a real book!

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