100 word story writing prompt

One of my favorite writing exercises is to write a flash fiction story in exactly 100 words. It requires disciple, carefully chosen details and close attention to sentence structure and word choice. Below is the first 100 word story I ever wrote. Feel free to judge my high school level talent, haha.

I’m challenging you to discipline yourself and write a story that is exactly 100 words long. The only flexibility you have is to include the title in your word count or not. See how much emotion, action, characterization, humor, ect. you can get into 100 words. As always, please share the exercise if you complete it; these are so fun to read!

Losing Brilliant

A young girl walks through a field, yelling out in all directions.  She has lost her best friend and yells out over and over again, “Brilliant!” She thought about that first day at the petstore when she was wagging her tail and staring up at her with those brilliant brown eyes. A tear fell down her cheek as she thought she may never see those eyes again. “Brilliant,” she chokes out as more tears run down her cheeks, “please come back.” She hears a ruffling behind her, jumps around and sees those brilliant eyes staring up at her.


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