Anti-technology Writing Prompt

A while back, my workplace suffered from a dangerous virus that was infecting all the computers in our office. Because we all worked from a shared server, everyone had to stop opening emails, stop using the internet, stop opening files from the shared drives and eventually, stop touching our computers until further notice. This event caused a small amount of chaos. What in the world were we suppose to do without a screen in front of our face?! After the shock settled down, I was impressed with the creativity of the staff to be productive without leaning on our computers. Some people made numbers sales calls, others re-organized their hard files and cleaned their desks. One person even got together a group of people to have a brainstorming session. 

Writing prompt:

Write a short piece with the theme of anti-technology. Like the story above, you could focus on a group of people that had technology taken away from them or you could focus on a single person who has chosen to stay away from–or give up–technology. Perhaps a hiking trip where no WiFi or electricity is present. What happens to your characters? Do they panic or thrive? Do they become more creative? Maybe they stare at a black computer screen for hours. You tell me. 

Ping back if you complete the exercise! 


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