My Writing Room Redesigned!

In my previous post 5 Things Every Writing Room Should Have, I promised I would share my redecorated writing room. I really wish I had taken “before” pictures so you can all see the total transformation but you’ll just have to take my word for it. Previously, the room had pale, faded yellow paint and hideous red carpet. It was outdated, claustrophobic and boring. Now it looks like this…

My Writing Room 1

I painted the walls with a two-tone roller with a dark green and light green paint. The two colors mix when placed on the wall, creating a wide variety of tones. The roller also has a unique texture that when used with the greens gives quite the leafy forest feel. I was pleased to find this beautiful wood floor under the red carpet. Together, the walls and floor create the perfect nature feel that I’m crazy about! 

I’m lucky enough to have room for this large bookshelf and a reading chair.

My Writing Room 4

One more bookshelf because you can never have enough…

My Writing Room 2

I purchased this quill sticker to place above my desk to add a little flair. (I love the entire room but this just might be my favorite part!) I’ve also started collecting books that are either really old or have unique spines/titles to place on an independent shelf next to this sticker. Although the collection is pretty minimal so far, you get the idea.

My Writing Room 3My Writing Room 5


So that’s my new writing room! I feel very lucky to have such an amazing space to chase my dreams and I think I truly captured all 5 of my requirements for a great writing room:

1. A Sense of Comfort

2. An Abundance of Writing Tools

3. Lots and lots of Books!

4. Resources and…

5. Something that Reminds me Why I Write

Check out the full list here!! 



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