Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book is a book every woman should embrace

The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, the Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body by Cameron Diaz is a book everyone, women especially as the book targets them, should not only read but embrace.

Before The Body Book, I had read a “self-help” book of any kind since assigned The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens in high school, but even I can tell this book is completely unique. It doesn’t lay out rules or diets or exercise plans. It informs the reader of the miraculous ways the body works, and how what we eat (as well as what we think and our activity level) affects how we feel mentally and physically. It explains the biological process of digestion in a way the average jane can easily understand.


The book is split into three sections; Nutrition, Fitness and Mental Health. Personally, I found the Nutrition section the most interesting because there is so much we don’t know about the foods we eat and the ways it affect our daily lives that I wanted to absorb every bit of it! All three sections were filled with well-researched information and intertwined with Diaz’s own healthy habits and suggestions that really make the ultimate goal seem reachable.

Going into this book with a neutral opinion about Cameron Diaz, I’ve come away with loads of respect for her. Her writing was unexpectedly smooth, informational and entertaining all at the same time. Her friendly, enthusiastic attitude is contagious throughout the entire book. It’s conversational and accepting, never making the reader feel inferior, a difficult thing to do when telling people how to improve themselves.

I read The Body Book in April of this year and I continue to think about the things it taught me on a regular basis. I have adapted some of Cameron’s healthy habits as my own and have a greater respect for my body and the miracle that it is. I am by no means the healthiest eater out there but I am much more aware of how individual foods affect my body and I strive to make healthy choice every day and there’s no doubt that I’ve improved. I have already recommended this book to a handful of friends and although the book clearly targets women, I encouraged my boyfriend to read it (but skip the part about the women’s reproduction system) and he loved it and learned a lot from it as well! Now I’m recommending it to YOU! This could be the first step in a healthier you!


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