Grace (eventually): Thoughts on Faith by Anne Lamont


Anne Lamott has a way of letting her thoughts unravel in a way that initially seems scattered and shallow but by the end you wonder how she could tie together such different ends of a spectrum so seamlessly. Her nonfiction essays in Grace (eventually) are real and relatable. She willing admits she is not a saint yet she faces her challenges head on, drawing from the strength she does have. Like all humans, she slips, but unlike most of us, she shares her mistakes with the world to spread a little hope and strength.

**Check in tomorrow for a writing prompt based on Grace (eventually)!! 

Lamott does not beautify faith or grace. She shows her readers that it is a struggle, a struggle that needs the support from the outside. She draws this strength from her friends, her family, and her religion.

I would not place this collection of essays in the religious section of a bookstore. Lamott expands the parameters of faith. She does not solely discuss religion or even her faith in a higher power that will make everything lovely if only you ask. She talks about faith of all the kinds; faith in oneself, faith in humanity, faith in goodness and internal beauty, faith in one’s support system. It makes me wish that the word “faith” did not have such strong religious connotations, because it really is as vast as you believe it is.



I recommend this book to anyone who, like myself, immediately associates the word “faith” with religion. Lamott’s essays expanded the word’s meaning for me and I think it can for you, too. Also, all nonfiction lovers will appreciate the excellent writing and depth of Grace (eventually).

Have you read any nonfiction essays lately?

If that’s out of the ordinary for you, did you like the change?


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