21st Century Fairy Tales

fairy tale

Turning classic fairy tales into modern stories is an entertaining trend in literature right now. In two different creative writing classes I took in undergrad, we had sections focused on fairy tales. If your idea of fairy tales is limited to Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, you need to expand your horizons! There are so many exotic fairy tales out there and they come from every culture on the planet! Rent a few books from your local library and although the Brother’s Grimm is great, venture past the typical into the unknown.

Successful Retellings of Fairy Tales

Lauren Sarner of the Huffinton Post recently posted the article “7 Fairy Tales Adults Will Love” listing adult and YA novels with elements taken from classic fairy tales.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman made the list which I read earlier this year and enjoyed!

fairy tale2

Write Your Own Fairy Tale

If you have never done so before, you need to re-write or create your own fairy tale! The options are endless and the magical worlds create endless opportunities for plot twists, evil characters, magical beings, hidden worlds, and anything else you can imagine!


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  1. I absolutely love fairy tales! In fact, I have several books which include fairy tales from all over the world and they are phenomenal. Always a great way to learn about other cultures and serve as fodder for new writing ideas. Thanks for reminding me with this post… Looks like I’ll have to go dig up some of those books soon… 🙂 do you happen to have a favorite or one out of the ordinary that you would recommend?

    • The Magic Orange Tree: And Other Haitian Folktales by Diane Wolkstein is one of my favorites! Like you said, it is a fun way to learn about cultures and these are stories I had never heard of before. What are some of your favorites?

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