Wow! I am a NaNoWriMo winner!


I am proud of myself! In the 30 days of November (aka National Novel Writing Month) I wrote every single day, averaged 1,843 words per day, and wrote a total of 55,296 words! In the last weeks of October, I set a writing plan for myself and accepted the fact that 50,000 words might not be possible while working a full-time job plus other social obligations but I certainly surprised myself! Check out all of my personal NaNoWriMo Goals here! 

My Goals for NaNoWriMo:

  1. Finish the very-rough first draft of my novel
  2. Create a habit of spending more time writing
  3. Improve my ability to keep writing and letting go of the need to double check and edit my work so often 

Check, Check, CHECK!!

My novel took me places (plot wise) and taught me things (writing wise) I never could have learned from short stories. Although writing 50,000 words in a single month is a huge undertaking, I could not be more pleased that I decided to take on the challenge.

Some days the words flowed faster than I could type and other days I struggled with every sentence but the determination and perseverance it took to write every single day for the past 30 days is an accomplishment I will carry with me forever! I’ve heard the first novel is the hardest but overall, once I set aside daily writing time, I didn’t find the 50,000-word goal that difficult.


Although I never plan my plot more than a chapter ahead of time, it continued to build and expand. Fleshing out the characters and really getting to know their true desires and fears was a great experience that will forever help me with future character building. I don’t want to bore you with the enormous amount of things I’ve learned but I seriously could. And you know what? I just decided I’m going to do just that…tomorrow. I will post a list of Things I Learned During NaNoWriMo. Come back tomorrow to check it out and share what you learned as well!


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  1. Congratulations! I take it this was your first NaNo win?

    The structure of short stories and novels are vastly different, but you definitely don’t realize how much so until you switch from writing one to the other.

    Looking forward to your list of things learned tomorrow!

    • Thank you! This was my first attempt at a novel that I started early in the year and used NaNo to punch through to the end. I knew it would be different from short stories but expierncing it really opened my eyes.

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