Best Books of 2014!

I’ve been planning this post in my head for a long time. Why? Because I love sharing great books!!! I’ve read a lot of good books this year, check out all my Book Reviews here, but the books that made this list were exceptional!

The link on each title will take you to my previous post about the book.

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The City by Dean Koontz

My new favorite book! After dozens and dozens of published novels, Dean Koontz still pushed his limits and tried something new with The City. With the smallest amount of “science fiction” I have seen in a Koontz novel, The City was all about humanity, and the everyday courage, strength, and goodness of everyday people that typically get lost in the background.

The story, the writing, and the real-life insight this book possessed was unmatched.

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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

It’s not too often I read children’s chapter books (let alone enjoy them), but I got lost in this fun, sic-fi tale. The main character, Nobody Owens (Bod for short), is raised by 18th century ghosts that linger in a local graveyard. Although the plot is quite dark (Bod lives with the ghosts because his entire family was murdered by people who are now after him), Gaiman keeps the mood very light and entertaining. Infused with ancient traditions and twists of sic-fi, The Graveyard Book is story all ages will enjoy!

The long walk

The Long Walk by Richard Bachman (aka Stephen King)

This novel is a story of 100 teenage boys who are chosen to partake in the annual Long Walk, where they walk until they literally cannot take another step. The kicker? When they stop walking, they are shot on site.

The plot hides intense emotion, psychology, desire, and mental torture beneath an extremely simple plot. It was more than I ever expect any book to be and the simplicity of the plot made the thoughts it unraveled that much more shocking.

The moment I finished listening to this audiobook, I started it over again. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t want it to stop.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephan Chbosky

I’ll admit it…I watched the movie before reading the book. But, like always, the book was 10 times better than the movie.

Of all the characters I read this year (hundreds, maybe thousands!), Charlie was far and away the most realistic. I felt like his letters were written to me and by then end, I wanted nothing more than to be his friend and tell him everything was going to be alright.


a big little life by Dean Koontz

Koontz dives into non-fiction with this memoir about Trixie, his beloved, intelligent golden retriever. With every chapter introducing a new Trixie story, I was deeply in love with this dog by the end. Its a precious story any dog-lover will cherish.


The Prestige by Christopher Priest 

I hesitated to add The Prestige to this list because I didn’t have the same emotional connection to it as I did with most of the above. The reason I did keep it on here was because the structure of the novel was my favorite of the year! Priest mixed an unlined timeline, journal-entry format, and different characters’ points of view. The twisted structure was the perfect match for the complicated plot and secret-keeping characters.

california novel

California by Edan Lepucki

Once again I was tempted to leave this book off the list but ONLY because I finished reading it about a week ago and don’t know if it will linger with me like the rest have. Still, I think it deserves to be here. Lepucki is a master at keeping suspense high in this low-action plot. Although not a lot happened, the massive amount of mystery and tip-of-the-tongue secrets made me want to ignore the world and snuggle up with a blanket and this book.

Thanks for reading! What were your favorite books of 2014? I love recommendations. 🙂 

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