New Year’s Resolution Writing Prompts

Here are a few options to get your mind spinning around your own (or a (semi) fictional character’s) New Year’s Resolution. Enjoy!


1. Make a list of as many resolutions as you can think of, the more the better! Big and small. They could last all year or bed completed in a single hour. Circle the resolutions that you would most like to complete this year. 


2. Write the future scene of you accomplishing your New Year’s Resolution. Go crazy! You just completed a stellar goal!!! 

nyr5 nyr2

3. Write a story about a character and his/her New Year’s Resolution. Are they able to reach it? Are they obsessed with it? Do they have a support system or is it a secret passion they are afraid to share? 


Ping me back if you complete and post one of these prompts. 🙂 


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