5 Friday the 13th Writing Prompts

  1. Write an internal dialogue of someone who is so superstitious they can’t leave their house on Friday the 13th. 7615995_8acea413fa_q

  2. Write a story about a character who does not believe in Friday the 13th superstitions but a lot of freaky coincidences begin to happen around him/her. Do they start believing? Do they ignore them completely? 3419078073_298553bfc7_q

  3. Write a quick scene of dialogue between office workers discussing Friday the 13th. 15418233667_8460782013

  4. Write a scene where an adult is explaining Friday the 13th superstitions to a child. Is the adult a believer or a sceptic?3066834233_37f21c6ab9

  5.  Write a scene about a couple on a Valentine’s date on Friday the 13th and then (insert bad superstition here) happens. How do they react?    


About Sarah JS

Aspiring writer, lover of words, book nerd, working editor, and permanent student of the world

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