Wanna be a writer? Then pay attention!!

Friday Writing Prompt:

For an entire day, pay specific attention to your environments and write down as many observations as you can. When you take the time to notice the surroundings (even when its a place you spend time everyday like your house, work place, in your car) and put it in writing, I guarantee you will see something you’ve never seen before! 

Either carry a notebook with you or open Notes on your phone. I recommend the notebook. 🙂


What’s the world look like?  

Describe your setting, the weather, your mood. Describe the things you see every day, and things you’ve never noticed before. Look for connections. Look for opposing forces.

Be a creep

Watch the people around you; describe their body language, their looks, their clothes. Write down their conversations. How does their word-for-word conversation differ from what you actually write down and why?

Who are they with? How are they connected to that person? Or why are they alone? Why are they at this place in this specific moment in time?


About Sarah JS

Aspiring writer, lover of words, book nerd, working editor, and permanent student of the world

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