My letter to Dean Koontz

Mr. Dean Koontz,

Thank you for sharing your stories. And thank you for pushing your writing to continue giving your fans something new. You could have taken the easy route, rewriting the same generic plot with a few different twists and if you had, I would have fallen away from your work. So thank you for writing books like The City, currently one of my favorites, that don’t fit the typical SciFi mold.

I also want to thank you for bringing the memorable, honorable Odd Thomas into our world. You’ve created an idol that lives outside his manuscripts. Never before have I wanted such a beloved character to die but it was a beautiful thing to see him go. Its unfortunate that people like Odd get overpowered by individuals with more selfish, power-driven desires in our world but I’m determined to do my part and live an Odd life.

I dare to call myself a writer but I, like Odd, don’t know if I deserve the title. But I’ll continue to write because I enjoy it and too many things would build up inside me if I stopped. Your work inspires me as a writer and as a person, so once again…

Thank you for your stories,

Sarah Schneekloth


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