Flash Fiction Fun Facts

Fun Facts:

Flash fiction demands creativity from the writer and the reader. The beginning is never the beginning and the end is never the end. Speculations must be made.

In China, flash fiction is sometimes referred to as a “smoke long” suggesting the story can be completed before the reader finishes their cigarette.

Modern novelists Amelia Gray and Lindsay Hunter got their starts writing flash fiction. (See Huffington Post’s 12 Super Short Stories You Can Read in a Flash)

Although Ernest Hemingway often gets credit for the first six-word novel, this has never been validated and similiar super short stories do predate him. His six-word novel reads as: For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” See more at QuoteInvestigator.com.

Twitter has become another medium for flash fiction. As it only allows 140 characters, its the perfect outlet to hold you to your limit. See @VeryShortStory, @arjunbasu,  @twitterfiction and so many more!

My Flash Fiction History:

I was first introduced to flash fiction in my high school writing class when the teacher assigned everyone to write a story that was exactly 100 words long. Once written, we held a bracket-style tournament to crown the best 100-word story.

See my previous blog for a writing prompt and an example of my own 100-word story.

A few places to get your Flash Fiction Fix:

Flash Fiction Online

100 Word Story

SmokeLong Quarterly

Narrative Magazine

Smith Magazine (known for its 6-word stories)



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