Men vs Women Writing Prompt

Writing prompt:

  1. Think of a situation.
  2. Write the situation with a clear main character.
  3. When finished, rewrite the same situation with a main character of the opposite sex as your first character. (If your first character was male, rewrite the scene with a female main character.)
  4. Compare. How did the different gender characters react to the same situation? If they handled it differently, why do you think they did so? If you’re characters have vastly different personalities, what do their gender roles have to do with it?

Although I’m female, I find the large majority of my main characters are male. It seems to me that my story ideas demand a male character in order to head in the direction I want them to. Also, I find it easier to have my characters hold in their emotions, and I stereotypically think men do that better/more often.

Hopefully this writing prompt will help me break out of my shell.

Do you find your writing leaning towards a certain gender? Do you just go with it or do you try to mix it up?



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