Redeployment: fiction from a soilder

RedeploymentRedeployment is the best book I have read in 2015. It is a collection of short stories surrounding political, emotional, and humanity issues of the Iraq War. Phil Klay  provides his readers with true entertainment. His writing is intriguing and dense. Emotion runs high, along with risk. 

Writing Prompt based on Redeployment: fill in the blanks 


Klay’s writing doesn’t waste a single word. It is dense and relevant. Each short story combines multiple scenes surrounding a certain topic but his aim does not waver. Every story focuses on a different aspect of war or soldier life, making each story a unique and memorable piece of the larger puzzle.

Individual stories

The title story, Redeployment, was by far my favorite. It follows the rocky homecoming of a young veteran, faced with a difficult decision and the inclination of violence as a solution. The story’s emotion is paralyzing.  As the first story in the collection, it demands an attention that does not let up through the entire book.

Money as a Weapons System is another powerful story about the misdirection of funding in the Iraq war, cultural road blocks, and resistance to change.

After Action Report follows the after effects of a solider forced to kill a teenage Iraqi child. What is one suppose to feel after killing a child? Guilt, fear, shame? What about a child shooting an AK with an aim to kill American soldiers? Terror, numbness, pride.

Bodies explores a young soldier’s return from war to find what was once comforting and loving is now cold and distant. Even when the soldier returns home healthy and unscarred, he realizes life will still never return to what was once considered normal.


Raised topics

Veterans coming home to abandoned homes

Religion on the warfront

War culture

Soldiers’ inability to reconnect to loved ones

Soldiers’ inability to talk about war

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Best Book of 2015 (so far)

My favorite book of the year. 5 stars without a doubt. You should read this!

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