My Favorite Children’s Book!

The land of children’s literature is a vast and fascinating space that I have so far neglected on this blog. Today is the day that will change. Although its not my specialty, I don’t want this blog to be so narrowly focused that I avoid talking about great books, no matter what the target age level. And children’s books and not limited to entertaining children. If they did not also fascinate adult readers, who would buy them and who would read them to children?

Without further ado, my (current) favorite children’s book is…

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

written by William Joyce, illustrated by William Joyce and Joe Bluhm

morris lessmore

A love story at heart, this book and Morris Lessmore uncover the power of a great story. Even in the darkest and loneliest times, a good story always has the power to spread love, joy, and laughter. The illustrations are sometimes dark, but always charming; sometimes mystical, but always captivating. *Watch the short film based on the book to see the illustrations literally jump off the page!

Like many great children’s stories, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is so much more than a book.

It is an award-winning short film,

an interactive story app,

a website–

and if you take the time to read the story or watch the film,

I think you will agree,

the story lives beyond its pages.


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