Minimalist Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt based on The Bath, a short story by Raymond Carver

Write a short story about a very emotional scene without describing the emotions or thoughts of the characters.

Be a minimalist writer. What does that mean?

  • Keep descriptions to a bare minimum.
  • Think action over description.
  • Keep time moving.
  • Short, to-the-point dialogue.
  • Use generic terms like “mom”, “dad”, “birthday boy”, and “baker”.
  • Only include names if necessary.
  • Cut all unnecessary characters, setting details, background info.

The most insight we get into the character in The Bath is this: “She saw a car stop and a woman in a long coat get into it. She made believe she was that woman. She made believe she was driving away from here to someplace else.”   Even though this communicates her thoughts, it still is describing an action–make believing–not a thought.


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