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My First Hello: A Fresh Literary and Writing Blog

Hello to the blogging and literary world out there! My name is Sarah Schneekloth and I am an aspiring writer, avid reader and lover of words. I recently graduated from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minn., with a BFA in Creative Writing.

A few of my Creative Writing friends and myself (right) at graduation.

As a new addition to the vast world of self-published opinions, I feel the need to explain what makes me stand out. Although this blog, Glass Typewriter, will be an outlet for a touch of everything I am intrigued by now and again, it will focus simply on words. I will review books, share my journey as an aspiring writer of fiction as well as the challenges that come along with it. I will bring to you whatever spikes my interest, including literary research, interesting facts, Words of the Day, trends in writing and slang, writing prompts, and writing lessons from heads wiser than my own.

Why listen to another wanna-be writer? Well, I have been searching for book reviews for some time that pay just as much attention to the WRITING as to the story itself. I have read several excellent stories lately with poor writing, and the reviews I could find, praised them. If they said anything about the writing itself, it was a quick line or two and purposely steered away from its weaknesses.

Not anymore! My reviews will give just as much attention to the writing as to the stories (You can find in depth reviews on the stories from my neighbors on either side). I will review a variety of books from Young Adult to SciFi to Nonfiction but you will soon find (if you follow my blog) that my true love lies in Fiction. I will review best sellers and books you’ve never heard of. I’m a slow reader because I choose to soak in every detail and become a student of the story. Therefore, I may not bring you as many reviews as other outlets but I will aim to bring you a deeper review. The author’s quirks, simple beauties and annoying habits will all be explored. I will vent and I will praise. I will be a harsh editor. And my true aim, to be a unique voice in the vast literary world.

Check in soon for my first book review and decide for yourself if I’m worth reading.

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